Saturday, December 4, 2010

We're Back!

It's been a while since we have posted, but it has been a fabulous fall and holiday season for us so far.

Tomorrow we are super excited for the Victorian Stroll. It's a great day with many different events around Troy. On the Some Girls front, we will have a live musical performance by April Marie and a Live Mannequin Fashion show. We've also participated in the window contest!

Other Troy businesses will be open with different events, so do not forget to come and check it out! And if you forget your gloves, hats or scarves be sure to stop by, we will have plenty in stock to keep you warm!

Some Girls btq

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bubbly, bubbly

How to… pop open that bubbly

Courtesy of Katie @ SGB Syracuse

Start off with a chilled bottle of your favorite champagne

(Store at room temperature, away from sunlight, but when you are ready to drink, put it in the refrigerator)

Unwrap the foil and take off the wire hooding

Slowly twist the cork in a right and left direction until you feel the pressure loosen and the cork ready to pull out

Continue to pull the cork straight out and then tap the opening of the champagne with the cork (this will prevent over flow)

Pour into a champagne flute and accessorize with blueberries or raspberries for a festive Fourth of July feel!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Bandage Skirt

Bandage skirts and dresses are really in right now. There are few different ways to wear the bandage skirt. Here are some tips for the bandage skirt and how to wear it.

1. Bandage skirt, tucked in with a tight top. This is classic style. You can break up the skirt and shirt with a belt. Typically worn with heels.

2. Bandage skirt, tucked in flowy top. This is a new style that's very popular now. It can be worn with heels or any type of sandal. Check out our look of this.3. Bandage skirt, untucked flowy top. See the photo below for this shirt untucked! Just as cute an fresh.4. Bandage skirt, cropped flowy tank/top. Many of you have seen the cropped 80s/90s style shirts that are out now. These tops look great with a higher waisted bandage skirt.

Enjoy this fabulous and sexy style to get an updated summer look!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jacket Drama!

Usually, the most dramatic thing that comes out of fashion is if your arch enemy wears the same thing as you. However, while parousing the internet the other day, I discovered an outright outrageous story of fashion drama at CocoPerez (

Apparently, a jacket by BB Dakota (one of the brands that we carry in the shop) was featured in one of the Twilight triology movies. We had this jacket last fall and it appears as though they were going to carry again this fall. However, Summit Entertainment, the company that makes the Twilight movies, does not want BB Dakota advertising this jacket as "as seen in Twilight." In fact, they are asking for all the jackets to be destroyed and for the profits from the jacket! You can check out the story for yourself at

I've never heard of such drama over a jacket! Yikes!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

When the Weather Doesn't Match the Season


Is it May or is it March? Either way, many of us are reverting to our fall or winter clothes to deal with these chills. I know I always get frustrated when I want to dress bright and sunny but the weather is not cooperating. What's a girl to do?

Consider this cute romper we just got in the shop. Although this is great for mid-summer. You can easily wear it on a slightly cooler day with a jean jacket and cowboy boots.

There are a few different options for dressing the season when the weather clearly isn't. For myself, I find that Spring is a great time to wear lightweight scarves in brighter colors. This can be added to a lightweight sweater or this season's must-have- a jean jacket. Keeping your colors bright always helps to reverberate the season. If you are wearing jeans and are putting on a jacket for added warmth, make sure one of your layers is bright, even if it just your shirt.

It's important to keep your wardrobe options open. During both Spring and Summer, it isn't always warm. Keep some lightweight jeans handy. Pair jeans with a tank top and cropped jacket or some shorts with a long sleeve raglan. If you have your classics that can go across seasons, all you need to do is worry about accessorizing them to match that season. Consider your footwear- cowboy boots and booties are still an option at this time of year. In fact, my cowboy boots are part of my wardrobe at all times.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Paradox of Library Fashion

I may have 'cultural hipster' in my veins at all times, however, in my day job, I have to suppress it a little bit. You see, my day job consists of finishing my Masters degree and having numerous work experiences. I can post on work-related fashion in the future (I actually love tying in some zazz to a work outfit), but I want to focus on library fashion.
It seems so simple when you think about it, but it is not as simple as it looks. The library is for comfort, but it is also a place of socialization (if you're someone like me). Therefore, I like to amp it up, especially since many of my graduate school colleagues see me in my business clothes and Naturalizers on a day to day basis. Sometimes there may be a person or two who intrigues me. Therefore, I'd say that it's a balance between getting in that extra edge and OD'ing (as in over dressing).
So this week I bounced back and from from what some would consider fancy (cute dress, moderate heels) to casual (skinnies, ballet flats, AA V-Neck). Overall, it worked out OK for me and I felt good about using some creative expression as I mulled over textbooks. Granted, my friends at Some Girls weren't there to talk about my clothes, but I did meet some new study buds and discussed some fashion- along with some economics and financial management. And the best part? I finished one of the hardest finals this past evening!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Panic in Your closet?

Have you ever purchased something, or thought of purchasing something that was so darn cute that you had to have it? And then 3 months down the line, you longingly look at it and have no idea how to wear it?
I have this darling floral skirt that I never wore from last spring. Florals are still in, so I'm bound and determined to create my graphic tee, floral skirt, jean jacket and cowboy boot look with it. It took me awhile and some exploring to come up with the best outfit...
What do you have in your closet that you don't know how to wear? It can be a shirt, a dress, a pair of shoes, anything...
Leave us a comment and we will try to help you. I can be more than something you look at in your closet!